Gifts for Toddlers (1-3 years) Giftguide (1-3 years)

Safety First!  Toddlers  (1-3years) are an active age group where parents and carers must be constantly vigilant about safety.  Small objects that can fit into mouths pose choking risks, so all toys and gifts must be scrutinized carefully and meet Australian Safety standards (noted on packaging).   See Toy Safety Guide.

When it comes to gift-buying for a toddler, look for gifts that are age-appropriate.  Gifts for younger toddlers can vary greatly from gifts for older toddlers.  Most toddler toys can be used well into the younger kids years.  Toys that focus on fun are a good choice.

From the ages of 1 to 3 years, the best toddler toys encourage kids to actively explore the world, develop their language for speaking, begin to use their hands to construct with blocks, and promote pretend play. This list has some great holiday gift ideas for toddlers. Great toddler toys for boys include ride-on toys and some great beginner trucks. For little girls there is an adorable baby doll and a pretend play kitchen. The list includes some exciting educational toys as well as an approximate price-guide (AU) to help you with your gift choice.

Here are some suggestions for some best buys, toys that will last the distance and be enjoyed time and time again.


Pull-along/push-along toys




:  look for solid well constructed vehicles.



Baby Books

:  books for a toddler  include those made of sturdy plastic, cloth or thick cardboard pages.



Bath Toys

:  Encourage enjoyment of bathtime by making it a fun time with bathtoys.



Toy Phone

:  Encourage speech as well as number recognition with a toy phone.




Soft Toys

:  Soft toys are still a favourite at this age.



Soft Night Light

:  soft glowing night light for comfort, now they are moving into a big bed of their own.




Musical toys

:  Musical toys can include toddler appropriate xylophone;  drums;  tambourine;  maracas; flutes; keyboards.



Tea setTea Set or Picnic Set

:  large and non-breakable pieces for small hands



Spinning Top

:  Classic spinning top push toy or jack in the box are classic toys, but still provide entertainment for this age group.



Toys that “do”

:  Toys that kids can push, pull and pound to make things happen, such as a pound a peg game or activity cube/shape ball with lots of things to work out, push/pull and look at.


Puzzles and Games

:  Choose large, light and easy to manipulate or lift, puzzles and games, like stacker toys or 3-4 piece puzzles with little handles to easily move pieces into place.





Baby-Walker /Push-along/Walker/trolley/mower

:  (if baby is walking, remember safety first and block off all steps)



Ride-on car

:  Sit on and scoot along, these come in all shapes, but are low for little feet to reach the ground.



Construction Toys

: Big plastic blocks or lightweight wooden blocks (easier for little hands)




Building Toys

:  Large pieces and basic set for a beginner, with no small parts.




Dolls House/Farm House/Boat House

:  encourage pretend role play and using language.




Baby Push-Along Pram

:  Little ones like taking others for a ride too.






Train or Car Set

:  large pieces for little hands.




:  The trike shown here is a basic sturdy 3-wheeler trike.  Other trikes available can come with adjustable, detachable telescopic parental steering handles and with back support for early stages.


Activity Table

:  Keep little hands and minds busy with an activity table, with things to push, pull, turn and explore.



Table and chairs

:  A table and chairs make a handy place for little ones to eat and play.  Choose table and chairs that are solid and unlikely to tip over.



$100 +

Rocking Horse

:  Classic rocking horse, now come in little sizes for little kids.




:  Toddlers can sit and push along with their feet to get mobile.