Gifts for Newborns (0-3 months) a gift for a newborn baby aged 0-3 months will be very special as it will be the first gift they receive. When choosing toys for this age group, safety is extremely important. Leading toy manufacturers have stringent safety checks to make sure each and every component of the toy is compliant and safe, and this, as well as the age-group it is suited for should be stated on the toy you choose, and if it isn’t don’t buy it (see Toy Safety).  Here are some suggestions for Gifts and Toys for Newborns (0-3 months).

: In the first few months, a newborns needs are food, sleep, care and love. Before a newborn learns to grasp objects or sit up, they will most appreciate things to look at and listen to. High-contrast patterns and bright colours captivate a newborn because they’re the easiest to see and can appreciate sounds and soft music. Objects that move slowly and produce a gentle sound are far more interesting than those that are fixed and silent. Mobiles can be attached to the cot rail or suspended above out of baby’s reach for safety.


Baby Gyms
: A newborns short sight makes them appreciate anything you can move into their line of vision. Newborns won’t be able to hold toys for a while, but they demonstrate preferences by batting at the ones they like.



: Play-mats are designed to stimulate a baby’s visual development as well as a soft, comfortable and portable area to place baby.




Handheld Toys
: Soft handheld toys such as a rattle, provide stimulation for baby’s sight and sound senses, and as they grow they will be able to reach out, grab the toy and make the sound themselves.



Musical toys:
: Music is one of the best ways to entertain and soothe an infant, these can include musical soft toys for babies, some even glow in the dark while they play soft music.




Unbreakable mirror
: Newborn babies find their own reflection fascinating, even though they may not recognize their own face. Look for a mirror you can fasten to the side of the cot or hang near a changing table.



Soft books
: Soft books with easy-to-see patterns or decorations are designed just for babies. Someone to help turn the pages and read is essential with this gift.



Sensory toys
: A soft toy that trills, squeeks, rattles or tweets when pressed will please a newborn for months to come.




Sock and wrist rattles
: Sock or soft wrist rattles are attached to baby’s wrist or ankle, or socks that have built-in rattles to provide lots of entertainment as baby experiments with new sounds they can make themselves.



Soft Toys
: Black, white and red toys: high-contrast soft, but baby safe toys and may become a favourite soothing comfort for the years to come.