Gifts for babies (3-12months) Giftguide (3-12months)

Safety first!  Make sure that all toys are safe for chewing  – check the labels, they will guide you in age appropriateness, both for safety and suitability to baby’s developmental needs.  See Toy Safety Guide.

As a baby enters this stage, they discover their own hands and feet.  Baby now uses their hands to grasp a toy that has been placed in their hands and has begun to reach for toys and put it in their mouth!  Babies will become more active and mobile in their play. There is a wide range of toys for every stage of baby’s first year.  We have not included a price range here as they vary so much from brand to brand.  Here is a selection of essential baby gifts and toys for this age group.


Baby Bouncers

:   A safe place to put baby so they can go wherever you go and see some of their world.  Some come with attachable activity gym and toys.



Lightweight rattles

:   Rattles have been one of the first toys babies play with.  Rattles can be made from wood, plastic or cloth.   Babies of this age love making noise.



Activity bars or boards

:  These are bars hung with dangling, rattling, squeaky plastic toys that fit across a bouncing cradle, car seat, pram, cot or come free-standing like a baby-gym.



Soft toys

:  This is the age at which many children begin forming an attachment to a soft toy. This has to be soft and cuddly, but most importantly safe (check safety on product for suitability).



Squeaky rubber toys

:   Anything a baby can grip and squeak is usually popular with this age group.  This includes bath toys.



Cloth or Board books

:  Reading to a child at any age is a pleasure. Cloth or board books that can with-stand mouthing, drooling and most other forms of baby love are a good choice.



Chew Toys/Teething Rings

:  Babies of this age love to put things in their mouth.  Chew toys are a great buy for any baby.  Gnawing on soft plastic (BPA free) teething rings can help soothe a baby’s sore gums.  Some contain non-toxic fluid which can be frozen to provide cold relief when baby needs it.




:   Colourful and stimulating to baby, soft to play on as well as portable!




Baby Gym

:  Babies love to look at and try and grasp objects as they sway above their heads.




Soft Fabric Ball

:  Balls are fun for just about any age.  Lightweight and colourful, fabric balls are suitable for this age group.



Stacking Toys

:  Colourful plastic cups that can be stacked up and knocked down or even chewed on when needed.




Moving toys

:   Sturdy wheeled vehicle or push-button toys to push around on the floor for when baby gets a bit more mobile.