Gifts for Younger Kids (3-6 years) active age group needs to play with safety in mind.  Gifts that encourage young kids to run, climb, throw, catch and dig will always be a favourite.  Kids this age will want to learn more and play more.  The best toys help them do both.

Good gift choices for younger kids ages 3-6, encourage them to develop the ability to talk and communicate in more complex ways, while expanding imaginative play skills to learn to play cooperatively with friends. Some of the best toys for younger kids include more challenging building sets, simple board games, dolls, and educational toys. Listed here are some of the best gifts for kids that will be used so often they’ll never be forgotten, but used over and over again.

$0-$20 (approximately)



:  balls of all sizes and shapes, but large and soft are safer for this age group.




:  large and easy for small hands, but enough to get little minds working.




Art Materials:

: Art materials include chunky pens, large paint brushes, crayons and waterpaint.  Large materials are easy for little hands to hold.  Drawings are BiG at this age, so large paper is also needed.



:  give little fingers and creative minds a work out with playdough.



Picture books (see the Kidsbooks guide)

:  picture books come in many shapes and sizes, some even with a soft toy to go with the book like the one pictured here (Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox).



Small plastic animals/dinosaurs/people/small cars

:  small plastic animals can be used in children’s games by themselves or with other toys.  A collection of small plastic animals, people or cars can be used in many ways in children’s play.


Soft Toys

:  A favourite animal, soft, big and cuddly can make a great gift for this age group.



Sketch-a-Doodle/Magna-Doodle/Doodle Pro

:  This classic toy has a large drawing screen, a slider eraser and attached drawing pen.  This can be used again and again, just draw and erase.


Tea Set/Pots and Pans Play set

:  Creative play with tea sets/pots and pans encourages speech and social interaction.



Pretend foodPretend Food Set

:  Young kids can get to know names of different foods as well as having fun with pretend play.



Sand toysSand Toys

:  Buckets and spades, great for the beach or local sandpit.




Pillow PetPillow Pets

:  Very popular at the moment, these cuddly pillow and pal in one are popular with a wide age range.  They come in many different styles such as lady beetles, dolphins, unicorns, pandas etc.  They are basically a fun pillow that unfolds into an animal shape.


Puzzles and Games

: Start their education in a fun and enjoyable way with puzzles and games such as magnetic fishing;  memory games;  counting on an abacus, nuts and bolts.



$20 – $50 (approximately)

Soft Sporting Kits:

:  Soft, kid-friendly lightweight sporting kits,  include Bowling;  T-Ball;  Golf;  Cricket Sets.


Character toys/dolls

:  For example Barbie;  Transformers; Sing-a-ma-Jig; Elmo; Dora the Explorer;  Buzz Light-year; Disney characters etc.



Solid Toy Wheelie Trucks/Cars/Vehicles/Planes/Cranes

:  Dump Trucks and Diggers are very popular for indoor and outdoor play.


Basic Train/Car Set/Garage Set

:  Hours of fun constructing and playing with a train set.  Or for something different a build your own multi-storey Garage Set.



Baby DollBaby-doll and accessories

:  A baby-doll and accessories such as a baby-doll pram, toy potty, bottle and feeding equipment.


Large snakes and ladders game

:  Games are not fun but also teach counting skills, turn-taking and sharing.




Match up games

:  Classic memory games or snap are easy first games to play.




Basic Musical instruments

:  Drums; symbols;  xylophones;  whistles and lots more (and earplugs for the adults)



Dress upsDress-Ups

:  Favourite characters from favourite stories, movies or television shows.



Hopper HorseHopper or Jumper Ball

:  Hopper or Jumper Ball or sometimes called Moon Balls are lots of fun for little people to bounce around on.  They come in a variety of shapes and colours.



Push along mowerPush-along mower

:  Push-along mowers imitate the noise of the mower while they pretend to mow the grass…if only!




Kids Gardening toolsGardening Tools for Kids

:  garden tools and wheelbarrows designed for small hands and small bodies.




Lego Compatible blocksBuilding and Construction Toys

: The best building toys stimulate the imagination, examples include:  Brio and Lego, there are many on the market.  Look for larger pieces for this age-group.


EaselPainting/Drawing Easel/Whiteboard/Blackboard Easel

:  An easel makes it easy to create masterpieces.




Kids Pop Up TentPop-Up Play Tent and Tunnel

:  Pop up tents and tunnels great for indoors or out, a great substitute for a cubby-house!



Sand ClamSand Clam

:  Add sand and some sand toys and move it around where needed.  Very portable as it lightweight.  The sand clam could also be used as a water play area, just remember anything with water must be strictly supervised.  Anything with more than a depth of 30cm of water must be fenced under new legislation (Australian Government  2012).

$50 – $100 (approximately)


Farm HouseToy Farm House/Dolls house/Garage

:  Stimulate imagination with a toy farm house and small animals, a dolls house  or even a multi-storey garage with it’s own cars.



Mini Climbing FrameMini-Climbing Frame

: Portable and lightweight so it can be moved where needed.  Stairs convert to a slide.



Soccer Goal - Pop Up NetSoccer Goal and ball

:  for the soccer fan and could also be used as a hockey goal for hockey fans.



Wiggle carWiggle Car

:  self-propelling, turn the wheel and wiggle and the car will move, lots of fun


3-Wheel ScooterScooters

:  Scooters range in sizes and prices;  choose the size to match the child and don’t forget the safety gear!  There are 3-wheeled scooters offering greater stability and balance for the learner.  Flip-Bikes are a cross between a beginners bike and a 3-wheeled scooter, with the advantage of being portable as they fold up.


RBalance bikeunner or Balance Bikes

:  these solid looking basic bicycles are low to the ground so little feet can touch the ground, hence the name “runner bike. To use the balance bike, the child simply pushes along the ground with their feet, this will assist them in learning important motor skills such a balance, steering and stability. If your child is ready for his or her first bicycle then a balance bike might be the answer.  Balance bikes range in price from $30 to $100.  Ages: 3+ years


Flip BikeFlipbike

: The absolute latest in balance bike technology from Flipbike. Hi tech, fun and funky teaches balance, co-ordination and speed control to budding bikers. Flipbike folds away for easy transport and storage. Just Flip, Click & Go! RRP $59.99



tricycleTricycles and Bicycles

: not only do they have training wheels but can also have removable steering handles for parental control.  This age group is now well catered for in the bicycle department, look for the right size and safety gear.


Play kitchenPlay Kitchens

: pretend play toys let young minds get creative and grow imaginations in new ways.



Cubby HousePlay-houses

:  just like a cubby-house, but much more portable.




Kids tableTable and Chair Set

:  a place for busy people to sit and work.



Fold out sofaSleep-over fold-out sofa

:  Great for sleep-overs or just watching TV.



Car Garage and trackTrain or Car Racing Set

:  For this age group, choose train and car sets with large easy to put together pieces.




Train tableTrain Table

:  Somewhere to keep the train or car racing equipment, as well as keeping if off the floor!


pool with coverKids Paddling Pool

:  A kids paddling pool is a great place to cool off in the summer months and some come with their own shade canopies.  Pools must be supervised at all times and pools that hold 30cm of water or more must be fenced under new legislation.


Sand ClamSandpit

:  Sandpits come ready made in a box, you just fill with sand or water or even plastic balls to make your own ball pit.


$100 +

LeapfrogHigh Tech Educational Toys:

:  Both fun and educational educational toys range from hand-held games to laptops to ipads for kids.  There are many on the market, look for ones that are age-appropriate but also suit the ability of the kid you are buying for.

SandpitWooden Sandpit

:  These come ready to assemble in a kit.  Just add sand.



Swing SetSwing Set

:  Classic kids entertainment.