Gifts for Older Kids (6-9 years) kids aged around 6 to 9 years are on the move and constantly wanting entertainment.  This age range is one of the most fun for gift-buyers and kids because there is so much choice.  It can also be an overwhelming choice with aisles and aisles of options.   This is a great age for    encouraging creativity with art and craft projects as well as for timeless toys, always a good choice and can keep them coming back  for more.   Here are some suggestions to help narrow down your selection for this age group.

$0 to $20 (approximately)


Glitzi Globes – Moose Enterprise Age:  6+  RPP:  $14.99 (for Starter Pack).  Remember snow globes…?   Well now kids can make their own or even a set of them.





:  For the younger of this age group, playdough offers lots of creative play to be had, add some dough-cutters to use with pots of play-doh.  Great for little fingers to manipulate, play-doh is soft and easy to create with.


ChalkboardChalk Set and little blackboard

:  A little blackboard and some chalk, don’t forget the eraser.




:  classic game, build memory and number skills.



Skipping RopeSkipping Rope

: and why not add a book of skipping rhymes/games to jog the memory?




Guiness Book of World RecordsBooks

:  choose books based on their interests, such as horses, cars.  See Kidsgiftguide to Books.



Aqua SandArts and Craft Kits/Sets

:  Art and Craft gives you a wide choice from art equipment such as crayons, pens and paper, plasticine and playdough kits; Mosaic Kits;  Beading Kits; Sticker Kits etc.



Magic KitMagic Kits

:  for those who love to entertain.




Beach tennisSporting Kits

: for example,  kid-sized  soft tennis; golf set; cricket set; basketball or softball set.





:  soccer, basketball, football, baseball, handball.  Don’t forget soft foam balls for the pool or beach.


Hula HoopsHula-hoop

:   Still popular and great for fitness, they come in a variety of colours and sizes.  Choose smaller sizes for small kids, larger ones for bigger kids.


Sand toysSandtoys

:  buckets and spades, an essential for any visit to the beach or backyard sandpit.  Add a couple of outdoor-proof vehicles to complete the kit.



Cash RegisterPretend Play Toys

:  possibilities for pretend play toys are endless, some examples are a  tea set ;  junior cookware or picnic set;  a pop-up tent or some dressing-up clothes;  a doctor’s kit;  a toy cashregister;  a set of walkie-talkies.



SuperheroesDolls/Character Toys

:  character toys such as those from a favourite show, e.g Disney  Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, Barbie.


Lottie dollLottie Dolls:  According to the manufacturers of these dolls they are marketed to girls aged three to nine years.  These dolls are just 18cm in height making them easier to be handled by smaller hands.  Lottie’s other characteristics are that they are more in proportion of a nine year old, with the exception of her head – this is bigger, so girls can play with her hair – and she doesn’t wear make-up, jewellery, high heels or have tattoos



Polly PocketsCollectable Toys

:  Littlest Pet Shops;   My Little Pony;  Polly Pockets;  Zhu Zhu Pets;  Di-cast collectors cars; Star Wars toys etc.  Also see News and Reviews.


SkylandersSkylanders toys and associated video games arrived in Australia in 2011, rapidly becoming more popular than the traditional superheroes of Spiderman and Batman.  A computer chip inside each toy links the Skylander video game on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 consoles.  The toys are placed on a USB device, “the portal of power” and this is then plugged into the console.  The Skylander comes to life on-screen and explores the digital Skylanders world.  Playing the video game earns the Skylander toy “powers” and then saved into the toy’s computer memory chip for future games.  Ages 5+


3-D PuzzleBrainteaser Toys and Puzzles

:  Brainteaser toys and puzzles keep both kids’ minds and hands busy.  Most brainteaser toys are suitable for kids around 8 or over.    Try a 100 piece jig-saw puzzle for a challenge.



Marble RunMarble-Race

:  Construct the marble towers and race the marbles down the tubes




Hair AccessoriesHair Accessories  (one just for the girls!)

:  Hair accessories range from hair bands; clips; ribbons; combs; scrunchies and many more.



$20 to $50 (approximately)


MeccanoConstruction Sets

:  eg. Lincoln logs;  Lego; K-nex and many more – a great choice for kids who love to put things together.



Mini KeyboardMusical Toys

:  child’s size guitar; keyboard (keep in mind, if you want them to learn to play, lessons are essential).



Camping TentCamping Gear

:  a simple pop-up  two-person tent can provide hours of fun in your own back-yard or even in the house if you have the room.  A Sleeping bag can be a great addition and useful for camp outs or sleepovers.


Totem TennisTotem Tennis/Tetherball

:  classic fun for all the family.




Indoor Bowling setIndoor Bowling Set

:  set up the pins and roll the ball down the aisle!



Pillow PetLarge Soft Toys

:  Kids this age love BIG soft toys and Pillow Pets are very popular in this age group (pillow-pets are an animal shaped pillow that unfolds into it’s animal shape).



Kids Cooking SetCookery sets

:  these come with cookie cutters, an apron, even a chef’s hat, or put your own together with a cookery book and present in a mixing bowl wrapped up in celophane.





:  Kre-O is a building set that allows children to construct many different characters from the popular movie, Transformers. There is a whole series to collect and create including play sets with a variety of different pieces.


Snakes and LaddersBoard Games/Word Games

:  for example, Twister, Junior Scrabble, Checkers, Operation, Mouse Trap, Junior Monopoly, Trouble, Connect Four, Build-a Beetle, Monopoly Junior, Rubbikub, Guess Who?  Snakes and Ladders, Jenga.



Fire truckCars/Trucks/Trains/Planes

:  all sizes and shapes (known brands become more important for this age, so they may request a certain brand of wheeled or flying toy, such as Star Wars or Transformers.



Dress upsDress-Ups

:  kids this age may want to dress-up as their favourite movie character such as Batman, Spider-Man; Super-Man;  Bat-Girl;  iCarly.




$50 to  $100 (approximately)


Train setTrain Set




Remote control carRacing car set/Remote control car or truck (these range in price)




Soccer Goal - Pop Up NetRebounder Net

: Great for learning to catch,  the multi-sports Response Net, rebounds when you throw or kick  a ball into the net.



Basketball Hoop StandBasketball/Netball hoop and ball

: Kid-sized, these come either free standing so you can move them around to suit your needs.



CD playerCd player

:  cheaper than an ipod, but you will need to buy cds to go with it or perhaps some audio books to listen and read along.



TrucksLarge Trucks/Diggers/Earthmovers/Cranes

:  choose ones to be used outside in the sandpit, at the beach or in the garden.



EaselArt Easel

:  An easel is an easy place to create a work of art from.





Wiggle carScooter Car or wiggle car

:  a self-propelled, ride-on car – lots of fun on concrete or even on timber decks.


3-Wheel ScooterScooter (and essential safety gear)

:  the three wheel types are more stable for this age group, but older kids in this age group with good balance will soon master the two wheel types with practice.



Over $100

TrampolineTrampoline (safety first – make sure it comes with a safety net)




LeapfrogHigh Tech

:  Leapfrog; Leap-Pad Explorer:  great start on a learning tablet  for this age group, like toy laptops for kids.



LeapreaderLeap Reader by Leapfrog Hi-tech Leap Reader has over 150 book titles for ages four to nine.  Point at the words or symbols on a page and it will read it aloud.  As well, the pen will guide little hands in writing letters.  The pen can be recharged through a USB connection and it works with the Leap Reader website so parents can tract their child’s progress. Ages 4+



Junior BikeBicycle

: if you buy a bicycle for a beginner, one that is low to the ground allows the child’s feet to reach the ground when needed for balance.  Training wheels that can be removed at a later stage are also a good option for beginners.


Dolls HouseDolls House

:  Look for a dolls house that will fit Barbie sized dolls to accomodate dolls of various sizes.

If you are looking for a house for kids who like little cars or little people or even little toy animals – there are “houses” that come in the shape of a Rocket, a Car Garage or Farm.  They come in multi-levels, some with wind up lifts and ramps.



Swing SetPlayground Set

:  A swing set will provide hours of entertainment.



Cubby HousePlayhouse/Cubby-House

:  Playhouses and cubby-houses range hugely in price, depending on size and materials used.



Table SoccerGames Tables

: Table billiards;  table soccer (similar to foos-ball) are a good size for small kids.