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Kidsgiftguide was created by a mother of two children, school teacher and author, looking for a guide to what children love without being overwhelmed when searching on the internet or in the toyshops.  At Kidsgiftguide we believe kids are still kids despite all the electronic games and the influence of mass media they are growing up with.  Kids need to spend time playing, creating and exploring, developing independence as well as spending time with a caring adult and other kids.


When looking for a gift for the special kid or kids in your life you probably want something that will be loved for ever,  used not just once and put away or thrown away or perhaps something that will give the gift of creativity.  Your first choice of gift will depend on that special kid, their age, interests and abilities.  We are based in Australia and therefore the price guide is in Australian Dollars (AU).  Also, the price guide is only an approximation as prices vary widely depending on the brand and where you purchase it from. 

It is also worth mentioning that, we at Kidsgiftguide have no financial interest in the products we have represented on this site.  Our objective is to spread the word on gifts that we believe will be of interest to those looking for the perfect gift.  Kidsgiftguide aims to guide you through a list of choices so finding the perfect gift is easy.

 We can be contacted through our email address:  info@kidsgiftguide.com.au

We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter if you would like to share your thoughts on great gifts for kids. 



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